We provide accommodation where you can fully enjoy a breath taking panoramic view of the Hida Takayama streetscapes and the magnificent Mt. Norikura in Japanese Alps.


280 Hachiman-machi
Takayama-City, Gifu
509-0852 Japan
TEL +81-577-32-4100
FAX +81-577-35-1177

Hot Spring Bathing

Enjoy bathing in the mornings or evenings. Enjoy seasonal transformations of the mountain forest scenery. We hope you will enjoy relaxed and luxurious time at the Hida Takayama Onsen (hot spring) in the crisp and refreshing mountain air.

Scenic Lookout Large Communal Bath gMatsuri no Yuh Main Building 4th floor

Scenic Lookout Large Communal Bath "Matsuri no Yu" Main Building 4th floor in the spectacular view from the large communal hot spring bath. Even after 50 years, the wall painting art works from the Takayama Festival featured in the bathing area, continues to uphold its original beauty, which we are proud to maintain and share with our guests.

Scenic Lookout Chartered Open-Air Bath gNagomi no Yuh (fee applies)

It is a reserved open-air bath with a private Jacuzzi. You can spend a relaxing time with your companion or family without being disturbed.

Reserved Open-Air Bath

Bath fee Evening 3,000 yen (45 minutes)
Morning 2,000 yen(45 minutes)

–Please make a reservation at after check-in.

Scenic Lookout Open-Air Bath gBougaku no Yuh

Scenic Lookout Open-Air Bath gBougaku no Yuh This hot spring bath has a wonderful view of the Japanese North Alps on clear sunny days. Only we can provide such a scenery atmosphere since our hotel is located in the highlands of Takayama.

Public bath

Yuagari Dokoro( a place to relax after bathing)

About Takayama Onsen (hot springs)

The hot spring in our hotel is one of the Takayama Onsen regional springs.ihot spring water is re-circulatedj

The type of the hot spring water is classified as ealkaline simple thermalf and emild spring qualityf. Therefore, it suits anyone and is considered mild for general use.

Spring quality simple hot spring / simple thermal / mildly alkaline simple thermal
Benefits relieves muscular pain / improves body circulation ailments / reinvigoration
Facilities Hair Dryer (some rooms). Liquid Soap. Body Shampoo. Shampoo. Conditioner. Toothbrush/Toothpaste. Razor. Shower cap. Comb. Towel. Bath Towel. Yukata Robe.
Hour 15F00 ` 24F00 / 6F00 ` 9F30